Tech Conference on Web Performance & Scalability

August 9th - Workshops

August 10th - Main Conference

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa - Wellington, New Zealand

About ScaleConf New Zealand

About ScaleConf New Zealand

ScaleConf New Zealand is an international technical conference for those who build or maintain web systems. Audience includes developers, engineers and managers from companies of all sizes, researchers, academics, influential business decision makers, CTOs and VPs engaged in the web development and performance ecosystem.

Bringing together international and local thought-leaders, knowledge of innovators, and practitioners in development and operations. ScaleConf promises to provide plenty of networking opportunities, as well as opportunities to connect with decision makers, influencers and industry minds.

During this 2 day event, the first day will include a succession of workshops, followed by a second day of scheduled presentations from international and local speakers and influential personalities within the tech industry. Presentation breaks, catered lunch and workshop training sessions all provide the perfect environment to mingle.

ScaleConf New Zealand 2017

ScaleConf New Zealand is committed to creating a conference that is as inclusive as possible, where ideas are exchanged, old friends get together, new friends meet and... harassment is not tolerated. We expect speakers, attendees and sponsor representatives to be professional and courteous to each other.

Code of Conduct

Do you have a question about ScaleConf New Zealand? Please contact the team! :)


  • 8:00 am


  • Daniel Larsen

    Vishesh Oberoi

    8:30 am

    From 0 to Cloud scale

    Daniel Larsen & Vishesh Oberoi - Microsoft NZ

    Duration: 3 hours

    Bring your own Java, .NET, PHP, Node.js or HTML App or Container (Linux or Windows) and your Mac/PC and join Daniel and Vishesh from Microsoft as we lead you through a hands-on interactive workshop to get your app deployed into the Cloud using Azure App Services and Visual Studio Team Services.

    This is fast-paced, highly interactive tuition from Microsoft Engineers who work with New Zealand's largest organisations to deploy web-apps at scale. If you haven't used Azure recently or are not familiar with Microsoft's approach to Continuous Delivery then this is the perfect opportunity to learn hands-on and at speed.

    We will cover Cloud architecture, CI/CD pipeline, Git, Infrastructure as code, packaging, scripting, automation, Release management, Blue-Green deployment, High availability, Disaster recovery, horizontal and vertical scale, logging, analytics and much more.

  • Sarah Dapul-Weberman

    12:30 pm

    Cleaning up your giant codebase: Building transpilers and codemods for better code

    Sarah Dapul-Weberman - Software Engineer @ Pinterest

    Duration: 3 hours

    It's easy to make sweeping changes when your codebase is relatively small and you're working with only a few other engineers. But what happens when you grow to have hundreds of engineers, thousands of files, and millions of lines of code? Manual changes are likely to break things and frustrate other people, not to mention, take increasingly large amounts of time.

    In this tutorial I will discuss how transpilers and codemods can be used to make large, automated changes to your codebase, useful for cleaning up legacy code or adopting new syntax and best practices. Traditionally, transpilers have translated code between programming languages, but can also be used to make code modifications in a single language. I will show you how transpilers work under the hood, explaining abstract syntax trees and node transformers, and then we will dive into building some codemods. The main part of the tutorial will be helping participants to build code modifications that can be used in their own large codebases. I encourage participants to come with ideas about changes they are interested in making to their own codebases to see if they can be done via codemod or transpiler.

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Your conference ticket will allow you access into the main Conference (10/08/2017), including tea and coffee on arrival, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and more!

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  • Wednesday 9th August - Venue: TBC
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Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

55 Cable St, Wellington 6011 - New Zealand

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