Why is Software Performance Important?

Mini ScaleConf New Zealand - Why Is Software Performance Important?

We're excited to present our first Mini ScaleConf New Zealand event!

We're holding this free event at the Catalyst Cloud Office in Wellington on the evening of June 20th. 2018 at 5pm. We hope you can join us!

Registrations are open!

Registrations are open!

Architecting for Performance in the Cloud

ScaleConf New Zealand - Diana Omuoyo

When migrating to the cloud, certain tasks need to be evaluated in terms of managing and architecting your infrastructure and applications for optimal performance.
In this session we’ll cover:
- Reliability
- Stability
- User Experience
- Scalability

Additionally, we’ll touch on a couple of options for full-stack instrumentation to maximize the benefits of cloud migration.
- Auto-Scaling && Capacity Management (Debunking Myths && Gotchyas)
- Monitoring ( Deviaton Detection, Event Correlation, Alerting)


Diana Omuoyo | Performance Engineering Specialist

I am a specialist in applicationand systems architecture - with a specialty in Performance Engineering and Application / Systems Tuning, System / Infrastructure Optimization and an avid advocate for DevOps initiatives supporting Continuous Delivery. Over the last few years I have been focussing on Research && delivery of CI for Performance and introducing open source tooling as well as DevOps methodologies into the Performance Engineering space. I have and continue to work on the implementation of Performance Testing/Engineering Technical practices aimed at providing quality, efficiency and cost-effective ways to clients' software Performance requirements – including but not limited to risk analysis, test execution, application & system tuning and application monitoring solutions.

Doing whatever it takes to improve performance

ScaleConf New Zealand - Vaughan Westray

With the world of features being taken for granted and the massive uptake of Digital, system stability, performance and user experience are some of the most important factors when it comes to customers choosing services. Solutions are being compared to those delivered by multi-billion dollar companies, no matter how mature they are. Users are demanding similar experiences and up-time to Facebook, Google and Amazon, from all apps and systems they use. Not thinking about system performance, functionality and stability could result in not just a poor reputation, but in brand failure.

In this session, Vaughan will talk about the traditional performance tester becoming a toolsmith, and will cover concepts such as pipeline performance testing, automation, application performance monitoring, and continuous delivery.


Vaughan Westray | Performance Engineer at Breakpoint Ltd

Vaughan is transforming the traditional performance testing methods. He has experience in a number of performance engineering consultancies and an extensive background in performance testing, engineering and Application Performance Monitoring (APM) in the financial, telecommunications, retail and government sectors. He currently runs a performance and continuous delivery company, Breakpoint, www.breakpoint.co.nz , as a community of local, leading experts in performance engineering.

First contact - Surviving post-launch performance

ScaleConf New Zealand - Piers Chamberlain

Often our performance engineering engagement is limited to the development stages of a new product or site. While this due-diligence is important to minimise to likelihood of spectacular failure, it should also be realised that no real evidence of success has yet been gathered. Only exposure to real-life customers gives you this confidence. In this talk I'll discuss monitoring in the aftermath of go-live, the long-term management of the system and what pre-launch assets can be used to help.


Piers Chamberlain | Head of Site Reliability Engineering at Xero

Piers started out in QA, but has worked more deeply in the performance engineering space since about 2007. He's done time in the NZ government sector, IT services companies and in consulting firms. Piers moved to Xero in 2011, and is currently the Head of Site Reliability Engineering there.









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