Daniel McClelland - Speaker Line-Up 2018

ScaleConf New Zealand - Daniel McClelland

Daniel McClelland

Technical Lead at Trade Me

Daniel is a Technical Lead at Trade Me. He loves automating things, and doing whatever it takes to accelerate the delivery of shippable software. In past roles, he's tested enterprise software, mobile apps, wearables, TVs and much more. He's also a semi-professional musician, look him up on your favourite streaming services to check out his Beach Boys-inspired pop/rock.


Making test automation observable

Test automation suites often have - at least - three problems. Teams complain of flaky tests; tests take too long to run; and only a few specialists know what to do if a test fails. Daniel McClelland believes these roadblocks have something in common. All too often, test-focused infrastructure is as 'black-box' as the tests it runs. Daniel will outline how Trade Me has embraced 'observability', to overcome these hurdles. Monitoring, alerting, log aggregation, and dashboards all play a part. The most important solution though? To grow ownership of test automation out across the company. Doing this has helped Trade Me scale up its daily automated testing by 12,000%.

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