Hugh Walcott - Speaker Line-Up 2018

ScaleConf New Zealand - Hugh Walcott

Hugh Walcott

CTO at

Hugh is the creator of, a platform for navigating complex systems used by government, enterprises and ICT vendors. As a former consulting architect and engineer, Hugh now looks to disrupt the way human and technology systems are viewed and maintained to help solve the biggest problems we face.


Scaling the clouds - a design approach

The Cloud is changing the way we build and scale applications. But while the technology is mature, the challenge remains how we integrate these applications to an increasingly complex landscape. In this talk I will discuss the layers of the cloud, starting with the application and business layers and ending with a fully integrated model that includes the why and how. I will introduce the enterprise patterns of scale, including development, operations, security and provide you with a visual approach to executing application and technology roadmaps faster and more effectively.

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