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ScaleConf New Zealand - Josh Kalderimis

Josh Kalderimis

Co-founder and VP of Product at Travis CI

Josh is the co-founder and VP of Product at Travis CI, the leading hosted Continuous Integration system. Born in Wellington, and now based in San Francisco, Josh spends his days playing with Post Its and drinking hipster coffee. While Travis CI is headquartered in Berlin, the team is highly distributed, just like its infrastructure. A Ruby developer at heart, Josh has done a little bit of everything, from coding to marketing to talking about himself in the third person, but at the end of the day, is mind is buzzing with everything related to user onboarding, pricing, and product.


When two platforms become one : the complexities of merging 6 years of data

What might seem like small decisions have a habit of growing into complex problems.

When Travis CI was started 6 years ago, it was as a free open source service focused on helping the community. After running a successful crowd funding campaign to add support for private accounts, we decided to keep for open source projects, and use for private projects.

Little did we know that this would lead us down an interesting, and complex path, when we decided that we needed to merge these systems and customers experiences into one.

Merging these two platforms together involved major changes to both our application and infrastructure stacks. With over 6 years of data, 500,000+ users, 1.3 million repositories, and terabytes of data, making sure our users experience was not disrupted was paramount.

This is the story of how a product decision, which required major technical work, ultimately led to a better customer experience.

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