Kumar Srinivasamurthy - Speaker Line-Up 2018

ScaleConf New Zealand - Kumar Srinivasamurthy

Kumar Srinivasamurthy

Principal Group Engineering Manager at Bing - Microsoft Corp

Kumar works at Microsoft and has been in the online services world for several years. He currently runs the Bing and Cortana Live site/Production team. For the last several years, he has focused on growing the culture around live site quality, incident response and management, service hardening, availability, performance, capacity, SLA metrics, DRI/SRE development and educating teams on how to build services that run at scale.


My service runs at 99.999%. Tweets about outages are fake: It's our competition trying to malign us!

Do you have services where the owners claim they run at five 9's but you often run into errors? It's very easy and convenient to build metrics at the service level. These often hide a wide array of issues that users might face. Having the right metrics is a key component of building reliable products. This talk goes into the design of these metrics, real world examples to illustrate good/bad designs.

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