Regan Murphy - Speaker Line-Up 2018

ScaleConf New Zealand - Regan Murphy

Regan Murphy

Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft NZ

Regan is part of the worldwide Commercial Software Engineering (CSE) team at Microsoft, but based in Auckland, NZ. The CSE team has a focus across all development areas, with Regan specialising in Data Platform and Machine Learning. Like the rest of the CSE Team, Regan loves technology, gadgets, and the promise of new things to come - including #mixedreality. Regan also likes beer. Craft beer. Wine too. To offset the beer and wine, Regan runs. Running is also a nice way to sightsee when travelling.


Move legacy apps to Windows Containers to take advantage of modern infrastructure and orchestration

You probably have dozens of applications, api's, websites that are running on various flavours of Windows Server and IIS - either on physical machines, or in virtual machines. You've heard about the advantages of containers - how you can spin them up anew in seconds, treat your apps like cattle - not pets, scale-out your app as demand requires. In this talk you will hear about Windows Server containers, see how you can auto-build them to deploy your app, even see a Classic ASP with ActiveX deploying and running. We'll also look at the upcoming changes in Windows Server that allow you to run both Windows and Linux containers on the same host!

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