Sean Maritz - Speaker Line-Up 2018

ScaleConf New Zealand - Sean Maritz

Sean Maritz

Technical Solutions Architect at NGINX

Sean Maritz is a Technical Solutions Architect for NGINX based in Sydney. Over the last 18 years he has supported the architecture and technical delivery of communication solutions for Enterprise and Government organizations across the Asia Pacific region. His extensive experience in Unified Communications, Video Streaming and Content Distribution across complex infrastructure and network designs compliments the NGINX suite of solutions. Sean is driven by his passion to share knowledge and experience of NGiNX’s capabilities and vision.


High Availability Microservices: Load Balancing In The World of Ingress and Service Mesh

One certainty in the world of microservices is that these new architectures don’t reduce network and application traffic. In contrast, the volume of application traffic going over the virtual microservices wire grows exponentially with every new service that comes online. API and service control traffic over the control plane; scheduling traffic and policy routing over the management plane; ingress and container-to-container traffic over the data plane...the more agile our service delivery becomes, the more complexity we bring to data on the wire.

In this presentation, we’ll discuss the current state of solutions available to manage, control, and deliver microservices application traffic without sacrificing the core tenets of application performance and availability.

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