Vinu Charanya - Speaker Line-Up 2018

Vinu Charanya

Senior Software Engineer at Twitter

Vinu Charanya is a Senior Software Engineer on the Cloud Infrastructure Management team at Twitter. In her 3+ years at Twitter, she has lead various projects such as Chargeback, Resource Provisioning, Identity Manager, Kite - Lifecycle Manager. She and her team focus on simplifying provisioning of platform resources while at the same time ensure efficient utilization of resources within Twitter.

She has presented at numerous technical conferences and is a regular speaker at community events. Vinu received her Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from University at Buffalo where she worked as a Research Assistant on Phone lab -- a large scale distributed smartphone testbed project.


How Twitter built a framework to improve infrastructure utilization and efficiency at scale

Twitter is powered by thousands of microservices running on an internal cloud platform consisting of a suite of multitenant platform services that offer compute, storage, messaging, monitoring, etc. as a service. These platforms have thousands of tenants and run atop hundreds of thousands of servers both on-premises and in the public cloud. The scale of diversity in Twitter’s multitenant infrastructure services makes it extremely difficult to effectively forecast capacity, compute resource utilization, and cost and drive efficiency.

Vinu Charanya explains how she and her team are building a system that captures, defines, provisions, meters, and charges infrastructure resources, redefining how systems are built atop Twitter infrastructure. The infrastructure resources include primitive bare metal servers and VMs in the public cloud and abstract resources offered by multitenant services such as a compute platform (powered by Apache Aurora and Mesos), storage (Manhattan for key-value, cache, RDBMS), and observability. Along the way, Vinu shares how Twitter used this data to better plan capacity and drive a cultural change in engineering that helped improve overall resource utilization and led to significant savings in infrastructure spend.

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