Workshops - August 6th, 2018 08:30 AM - 15:30 PM

Progressive Web Apps

ScaleConf New Zealand - Maximiliano Firtman

August 6th, 2018 - From 08:30 AM to 11:30 AM

In this introductory workshop, we will get into practical examples of how to create a Progressive Web App -an offline-capable app-like web application- from scratch using the latest specs. We will cover desktop and mobile PWAs, using Service Workers and other APIs, debugging techniques and tools available. We will learn how to detect connection status and how to create a successful offline experience. We will finally see how to use Web App Manifest and other specs to let your users install your PWA on Android, iOS, and desktop OSs, how to use analytics and enhance your PWA with platform-specific APIs, and the techniques to publish it into app stores. After this workshop you will have a fully functional PWA that you can serve to your users.


Maximiliano Firtman

Maximiliano Firtman (@firt) is a mobile and web developer, trainer, speaker, and author. Max teaches mobile HTML5, PWAs and performance trainings for top companies around the world. The founder of ITMaster Academy, Max is a well-known professional in the mobile web community with dozens of articles and online courses published. He has authored many books, including Programming the Mobile Web and High Performance Mobile Web, published by O’Reilly Media. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and many other events around the world.

Deploying microservice applications in Kubernetes

ScaleConf New Zealand - Travis Holton

ScaleConf New Zealand - Catalyst Cloud

FREE workshop for Main Conference Attendees, thanks to our sponsor Catalyst Cloud. Limited Availability!

August 6th, 2018 - From 12:30 PM to 15:30 PM

Considering deploying your containerized application to production? Whether you are deploying to bare metal or a cloud VM, container orchestration frameworks can reduce the operational load of managing, updating and scaling your application. Kubernetes is a mature orchestration platform with over a decade of development behind it. This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to Kubernetes. Learn how to set up a Kubernetes cluster, deploy a containerized application and manage updates with rolling upgrades. (3-4 hrs)

Workshop Agenda:
- Introduction
  Containerised Applications
  Kubernetes background
- Bootstrapping Kubernetes Cluster
- Deploy containerized application
- Development Workflow
  Update application
   Rolling upgrade


Travis Holton

Software developer at Catalyst IT with a focus on opensource technologies. Currently manages devops infrastructure for multiple project teams and conducts training in both Ansible and Docker at Catalyst. Twitter: @heytrav

MySQL HA and scaling solutions: InnoDB and NDB Clusters hands on

ScaleConf New Zealand - Ronen Baram

ScaleConf New Zealand - Oracle & MySQL

FREE workshop for main conference Attendees, thanks to our sponsor MySQL. Limited Availability!

August 6th, 2018 - From 12:30 PM to 15:30 PM

In the workshop we will build InnoDB Cluster and see how it works in real life, with real web application, in two modes: Multi Master and Single Primary. Then we will build NDB Cluster across the participants machines and will show how it survives disaster and recovery and online scaling.

The participants will be require to bring their own laptops, with Virtualbox (VMWare player / workstation) installed. Some linux knowledge will be required as we will do everything on linux machines.


Ronen Baram

With more then 25 years in the IT industry, with strong focus on open source solutions, for the last 8 years acting as a MySQL technical consultant for many APAC companies and organisations. Based in Melbourne and serves ANZ as a core territory. Have a great passion to talk, learn and share knowledge. Overall nice person, given the morning coffee was reasonable.

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